I woke up in the middle of the night to you, Forrest crying so me and daddy rushed up out of bed to see what was wrong and you were upset with daddy for taking a toy away. He obviously hadn’t taken a toy away from you but you must have had a dream that he did. So I ended up climbing into bed with you for the rest of the night. As I was putting you to sleep last night you said you don't want to sleep alone and I said how about I just come in as soon as I wake up in the morning and we snuggle together and you were happy about this arrangement but in the end I ended up in your bed anyways. I just love how snuggly you are. I think we woke up around 6:30 but laid in bed snuggling for ages and then eventually you, Nixie, climbed up into his bed and joined us. It was a really beautiful way to wake up. 

I went downstairs, made some coffee then went back upstairs to write some emails. Ever since I’ve started working on my milk project there are so many people to respond to! But as I was sitting at the computer I heard the rubbish truck drive past and I realised we forgot to put out our recycling so I rushed downstairs and out the door and grabbed the bin and rushed it into the road only to discover that the rubbish truck was way too far away and we had missed it. 

I decided to surprise the two of you with pancakes as it had been forever since we had them at home but I needed to get some missing ingredients from Tesco first. I actually realised while making them that we hadn’t had pancakes in this house yet and wow were they easier to make on a gas stove! Once they were finished they didn’t last long. You, Forrest, devoured them and I just love watching you eat something so passionately!

Then Nixie you were watching something on your tablet while you, Forrest, danced to music & when the song “Wish you the worst” came on, you became so excited that 'your' song came on. You also managed to simultaneously play with your magnet blocks. We've been learning a bit about moss this past week so after a little while we got ready and headed out for a little walk along rhinefield drive in search of moss for a little terrarium we were gonna make. We would have done this already earlier in the week but you, Nixie, wanted daddy to join us and he's had Wednesday, yesterday and today off. 

I'm getting more used to driving daddy around so I drove us there. It felt so nice to be in the forest again and the birdsong was so loud it felt like we were in an amphitheatre. It didn't take us long to find the moss for our project and I thought it was amazing how many different kinds of moss we found in such a short space of time. The two of you had fun climbing trees  and taking turns to pretend that you were both a pilot of a plane and a couple of the destinations you (Forrest) chose to fly to was North Africa and South Africa. At the moment you are also really into picking me little flowers which I think is just the sweetest thing. You also made friends with lots of little beetles. You are also on a forever mission to collect sticks and we have a rule now where if you want to keep a stick you are in charge of it and need to carry it, But somehow you managed to get Nixie to carry them for you. 

We decided to head in the other direction to see if we could get lucky and find some chicken of the forest on a tree that we've found some on before but we weren't lucky today. I love that you, Nixie, were getting offended by the car tire tracks you saw and got rid of them with your foot. On our way back to the car we found a giant little bumblebee in our path who we observed for a while and then Nixie, you refused to leave until you managed to get it away from the path. You were worried someone or a horse would accidentally step on it. 

Forrest you've been really amazing with your words today and practising the first consonants of words which you usually leave out . It's incredible how all of a sudden it's all coming together for you. T's and R's are still a bit hard though. 

Before going home we needed to stop by Costa for some drinks. Specifically we needed some smoothies just so that we could have the lids which are needed for some upcoming projects. When we got home, you, Nixie and I made our moss terrarium and then daddy went through today's delivery of robotics club parts to prepare for your robot club tomorrow. While he did this I tidied the house and made dinner while the two of you played a bit of star wars well after you, Nixie cleaned your room.

After dinner I got myself ready for a photo session for my Milk project and left the house around 17:30. I had a beautiful time at Highcliffe beach photographing a mama and her 4 year old nursling & I got back around 19:40. The scene in the lounge looked pretty much the same from when I left: the three of you playing star wars. I decided to set up my moth trap then we all went up to bed and Forrest, you wanted a piggy back ride but wanted me to walk up the stairs mooing like a cow. Then Nixie, you gave me probably some of the sweetest, most gentle hugs you've ever given me. I felt we became one in an orb of love. Forrest, you and I snuggled to bed while we read a Mr.Men book then continued our Lucky The Lamb book and you fell asleep with your legs wrapped around me. And before you fell asleep you said you didn't want to sleep alone so I said I would come in to snuggle you in the early morning before you wake up.