This is the first time since I've started this full moon diml project where I missed doing it on the actual full moon and am a few days late.  It's been such a full on month and if I'm honest I have felt emotionally and mentally drained and just in survival mode.  Nixie you've been going through some really hard times and have been struggling with transitions and feeling anxious about the world returning back to normal.  I think there are also some processing issues that you need some help with. You've been having some very big explosions and it's been really hard figuring out how to help you but we're making lots of progress and you're able to express more what's going on and drawing has become a big source of calm for you. 

But this week things have been really calm and it feels like maybe we've turned a corner (at least for now!) You didn't wake up until after 8:30 this morning that's 3 whole hours after me and Forrest got up!  You've been getting much better sleep and are able to stay in bed after I get up which I think makes a huge difference to your moods. I felt pretty tired today, and it's also day 1 of my moontime. But I always love this phase of my cycle as I always feel so peaceful and full of love and things between all of us always seem to flow beautifully. 

Today was a pretty relaxed day and we didn't get up to too much, I had hoped to head out to the forest in the evening to free some more frogs but it just felt too cold!  Our day started with all of us just hanging out at home doing chores which you Forrest absolutely love helping out with. Nixie you decided to have a morning bath and afterwards you tried on your new party dress that came yesterday while you were at forest school and you look so lovely in it!  And when you finally saw yourself in the mirror the way your face lit up will stay with me forever.  You even rushed into the office to show daddy even though he was in a meeting.  This is the dress you're going to wear when we have our photo shoot. You had asked me a couple of weeks ago if you and I could have a photo shoot during our next girlie day and I'm so excited about it, of course you needed a special dress for it.  You told me you want to have our photo shoot on your 6th B-Day. Then you & Forrest were playing so sweetly with each other taking turns to roll each other up in blankets. I think the sounds of the two of you laughing together is one of my favourite sounds in the world! 

After a little while we decided to head out for a walk down to the quay to get some ice-cream and to feed the birds.  Forrest you are so sweet because i always ask if you want to walk or take the buggy and you always say, "waaak", you love to hold my hand but you also love to walk on your own running ahead just for a little bit before putting your hand back in mine. You love looking through the shop windows and climbing up little ledges and stairs that we pass by and you especially love to press the button at cross walks. It always takes quite a while to actually make it down to the quay. 

You,  Nixie chose raspberry sorbet with a chocolate stick and Forrest you of course chose chocolate (your absolute favourite). With our ice creams ready we went to our little spot to sit and watch the boats and feed the birds.  You Forrest just want to stay in my lap the whole time and I love the extra cuddles I get.  You love this spot because it's the perfect spot to see the train pass by. You also love the big fishing boats and always need to go looking at them.  We had fun feeding the birds until me and Forrest went to have a closer look at one of the fishing boats and I turned around to see you Nixie heartbroken and full of tears because a bird had flown down and snatched half your ice cream with the cone and all!  I really felt for you and wanted to get you a new one but didn't have any more cash on me.  I was really proud of you in the way you were able to let go of your disappointment and accept the fact I couldn't get you a new one.  It was our que to head back home.

We managed to have a great little walk home along the high street and Forrest you climbed up on the railing next to the road and couldn't stop waving at all the cars and busses that drove past,  you were being so cute and had the biggest smile on your face.  Waving is a fairly new thing that you love to do. 

Earlier when we walked past Clark shoes we saw some really cute flower patterned shoes and I decided that you,  Nixie needed them.  I told you it was an early B-Day present and you got so excited.  The Two of you had a lot of fun running around the shop,  looking in mirrors and testing out all the chairs until the person who worked there was free to help us.  You are a size 10.5 and luckily there was one pair left in your size.  As soon as we left the shop you couldn't stop jumping and running in them telling me they make you run faster than any shoe you've ever had.

When we got back home,  I made some coffee and Forrest this is something you always have to help with. If I forget to include you you get so upset until you get to help.  Whenever I fill the kettle up with water you need to be the one to put on the lid,  then you need to be the one to turn the kettle on. Once I've poured my coffee you need to be the one who goes to the fridge to get me my milk (soya milk) and you can now say "miiik" and to be the one to pour it although you do accept my help with this and then you need to be the one to put it away. With my coffee in my hand we both headed to our special spot on the sofa where you had boob and fell asleep pretty quickly. 

After I carried you up to bed,  you, Nixie, and I started making our unicorn diorama.  You love making dioramas and had requested to do a unicorn one. You had a very specific vision and we did our best to make it come to life.  You also spent some time checking out your dinosaur magazine and cutting some out. In between working on this you kept wiggling your tooth determined that it's going to full out very soon!  I can't believe you already had your second wobbly tooth and that your first adult tooth is almost fully grown in!  This time you are super excited about it and can't wait to see what the tooth fairy will bring for you this time. oh and a new book came for you "The Dragon With A Chocolate Heart" in the post which made you very happy, it's a book for you and daddy, we are going through a crazy amount of books at the moment!

We didn't get to finish our project before Forrest woke up so we decided to continue with it tomorrow. Forrest you always need to have a bit of boob before you wake up fully, i do so love these little moments of stillness in my days. While I started to make dinner you guys helped me make a rhubarb crumble for dessert, it's become one of our favourite treats to eat. 

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out and playing and we finally managed to hang up our flower mobile. Forrest you love playing with your new second hand vtech alphabet thing that I got you yesterday,  I hate noisy plastic things but you were really drawn to it and it was one of the first times you were in a shop where you could look and discover things and I just wanted you to have it,  you especially love to dance to the little tunes that are on it. Now that I've started having photo sessions again I had to spend some time in the office editing before it was time for me to put you to bed. 

When it was time to start bedtime you, Forrest, put two fingers in the fan (you need to have it on while you fall asleep) which caused the biggest upset, I think it scared you more than anything and it took a while for you to feel better. But once you did you wanted me to read the book,  "the lion inside " which happens to be your favourite book at the moment and my favourite bit is when you do your giant roar!  I ended up reading it three times before you were ready to turn the light off. 

Once you were asleep I headed into your, Nixie's, room where you and daddy were hanging out to read to you. Me and daddy still take turns every night and tonight was my night. We are reading the most amazing book at the moment called Seekers of the wild realm which is about a girl who wants to be a seeker so she can protect the realm where all the magical creatures are,  but the thing is that only boys have ever been allowed to be seekers and this story follows her trying to undo old outdated traditions as it is her dream to be a seeker.  Nixie you got so angry when I read that part of the story saying that's stupid and not true,  for a moment you didn't even want to continue reading the book but luckily I managed to keep reading and now we are both hooked! It's one of those books where we can't wait to read more and we will definitely be sad when it ends.  We should be finished with it by the end of next week. Once we finished reading it was time for bed and since the transition from reading to actually going to sleep has been such a big trigger for you we've made some changes and now once we go up for bed we turn off all the lights and we all go to bed together. So tonight when were finished I carried you into our family bed where Forrest and daddy were already asleep. Then we get all snuffly and I always massage your back until you fall asleep.  I always work on your water meridian (I am so grateful for my shiatsu training!) which is almost like magick because it gets you to relax and fall asleep everytime. It always ends up so late and most of the time I end up falling asleep with you but tonight I snuck out of bed and me and daddy hung out for a little bit downstairs before finally going to bed ourselves.