I Woke up around 7:30 to you Forrest having morning boob, I really needed to get up to use the bathroom and managed to sneak off without you waking. While I was making coffee daddy came down with you and you had the sweetest little morning face. Nixie you came down a short while later for your morning snuggles and you were exceptionally happy that Muad’dib came and laid in your lap. It’s day 2 of my cycle and I’m feeling a bit slower than usual and not wanting to venture too far from home for too long.

So much of you, Nixie, seems so grown up all of a sudden. Since you turned 6 a whole shift has taken place within you. At times it truly takes my breath away! It's so many little things, the way you dance, the way you say things and the way you react to things. At the moment you are really into dancing to the song Frozen, you have just recently seen the film, I'm not sure how we made it so long without Frozen in our lives! A lot is happening with you too, Forrest, you can now say yes which has made communicating with you so much easier!! It’s amazing to be able to ask you yes or no questions and you’ve also just in the last couple of weeks started to take your nappy off if you need the bathroom, even if we are out! It’s amazing really how quickly both of you are growing up.

I had to do a few things upstairs on the computer and while I did that daddy read loads of books which you, Forrest, had brought down. You are really into books again and it was actually quite nice having daddy read them since at the moment we read the same books over and over. The ones we have currently on repeat are both Zog books, The Cat In The Hat and One Fish Two Fish, Room On The Broom and The Smeds. 

We spent the first part of the day doing chores, we needed to finish trimming back the vines in the garden and Forrest, you still love carrying out the recycling. You just love helping out in any way you can. The garden also needed a good watering. At one point you needed to do a wee and instead of going to the bathroom you went to your designated spot in the garden, which I thought was the sweetest thing ever. You are still getting the hang of how to position yourself and sometimes you arch your back so much that you almost fall over!

You, Nixie, and I spent some time making our beeswax candle from this month’s little naturalist club. Since we are brand reps we needed to take some photos of you making the candle and you love setting the whole scene up and making sure the cards and books you love are just right. You’ve been learning a lot about flat lays! Once you finished the candle you became inspired to make an entry into your nature journal of the red tailed bumble bee you saw yesterday. We also contacted bumblebee conservation trust to see if we can take part in a monthly walk survey. I love how when you get inspired about something you just want to know and learn so much more about whatever it is and I love how motivated you become. Just seeing you get so inspired about life inspires me in more ways than you could ever imagine!

We also decided to make some more chocolate using some of our dried pansies and violas, this has become our go to way of eating chocolate these days! The two of you always love when we make it because there is always a spatula and a bowl to lick clean, it was hard though to keep your, Forests, little fingers out of what we were making. 

And then daddy made us some incredible bee themed potato stamps to play with and I can’t believe how much fun we all had with it, well all of us except for you Forrest, you had no interest in doing it whatsoever. I think daddy possibly loved it the most although you, Nixie really loved it too and have already requested an ocean theme for the next stamps.

Afterwards we headed to our little beach for a bit of low tide exploring and to have our dinner. As usual, you, Nixie were straight into the water as soon as we arrived. You wanted to have your armbands on even though it was so shallow just so you could float around, which I thought was funny. Forrest you actually came in on your own (it only came up to your knees) and hung out with Nixie for a while next to this big clump of seaweed. You were having lots of fun grabbing a bit of it and then bringing it back to the shore and then grabbing more and doing the same thing over and over. You also were having the best of times stomping your feet in the water as hard as you could so that it would splash you and daddy which then made you burst out into the biggest giggles ever. 

It was such a beautiful evening, we were surrounded by the most beautiful shades of blue, I felt completely mesmerized and felt so grateful that we get to be surrounded by so much beauty and get to call this little part of the world our home.

Our evening seemed to be all about the scallops, the first thing I always do when we arrive is to search for them and ever since you, Nixie, found me those two big ones we seem to be finding more and more of them and tonight we found 4 more big ones and some smaller ones but we also found so many living ones! This felt like such a gift from the sea, to be able to see these beautiful creatures alive and to be able to see their tentacles and their little eyes especially as it wasn’t very long ago we were watching videos about them and saying how we wish we could see a living one in real life!

Being able to be out late and to eat our dinner beneath the blue sky is one of the best things about summer, even if all we are having is noodles, everything feels extra special. 

When we got home the two of you had a quick bath and then it was time for bed. I love that our bed routine now includes reading stories to you, Forrest. Nixie, you had stories with daddy in your room and then once Forrest was asleep you came into our room so I could massage you to sleep. You have started sleeping back in your room but tonight you wanted to be with us.

When the two of you were finally both asleep it was after 22:00 and even though my body was telling me to stay in bed I got up with daddy and went downstairs to hang out for a bit and watch a show before finally going to sleep.