We all got up around 6:30 well all of us except for daddy. I actually managed to catch up on some sleep and went to sleep with Forrest and was out by 19:30!  We made our way downstairs where you, Nixie wanted to watch your new strange obsession Gabby cat and you love to dance to some of the songs but you forbid me from being in the room when you do which I find really funny. I made porridge for breakfast and Forrest, you were the first one into the kitchen. You started eating but then realised Nixie didn’t have a spoon so you rushed to get her one, you are always so incredibly thoughtful!

We all got ready to make our way to the fairy festival.  I'm not feeling 100% so I asked daddy if he could drive and when we got in the car you asked for music and you said you missed hearing the car sing to you.  I said to daddy oh yeah they have had a whole week of driving without music and you said yeah because you don't feel quite comfortable driving yet with music. I love how patient you have been with me and how incredibly supportive you've been,  you both have been a dream to drive with. 

Once we arrived at the fairy festival and started walking up the field to wait in the queue to get in Forrest,  you kept trying to pull me so we could go back to the car, you did not like what you were seeing,  women on stilts with fairy wings, people dressed up in amazing costumes which in your mind I'm guessing you thought were real. There was a man dressed up as a mushroom and I particularly loved his costume but you seemed so frightened that I had to carry you and you clung on to me like a baby koala. I felt so bad for you and I was slightly concerned how the day was going to unfold and whether or not we would just have to leave and go home. Nixie,  you on the other hand were super excited and couldn't wait to get inside. When we did finally get in we got some wrist bands for you in case we would get separated and then we did a little wander. The tree man was there again but he terrified you,  Forrest so we stayed well away from him.  Nixie you had seen someone blowing bubbles and ran to chase them. There was a performance by one of the fairies queen astaria that you wanted to see so me and Forrest went to find a seat while daddy tried to get you away from the bubbles.  Forrest you were still my little koala,  and still super unsure of it all but once queen astaria came onstage you seemed much more relaxed and we're watching and listening.  Nixie,  you and daddy had arrived just before it started and you were really taking in all thestories she was sharing about the fairies.  You loved learning that the autumn fairy has a fire dragon and that they were born in rose petals. But towards the end you,  Forrest were getting bored I think and you discovered we had some candy and that was the beginning of a little obsession,  you kept wanting one right after another. 

Once this finished we went for another wander and this time we ended up at a beautiful oak tree that had ribbons in it which you and all the other children lived chasing in the wind and jumping to grab.  Forrest you were still unsure and just clung to daddy's side.  Just watching from the sidelines. But then all of a sudden you got a bit brave with daddy's encouragement and started trying to grab the ribbons too,  it was a beautiful moment!  We seemed to stay here for a really long time before me and you,  Nixie decided to go for a walk to see if we could find anyone doing face paint, in the end we only found someone doing glitter paint which you had no interest in. But instead we ended up buying you and Forrest fairy costumes! 

You couldn't run to daddy fast enough to show him your costume and when he saw you I just saw his whole face turn into a smile,  he loved your costume and as soon as you,  Forrest saw Nixie you started getting upset because you wanted one too and when I pulled your little pixie outfit out of the bag you became so happy, and when you put it on you had the best grin I'd ever seen. I had also bought some bubble wands and it was the first time you managed to blow your own which you absolutely loved.  By this point you were no longer scared and had begun running around and having fun. Nixie you were so sweet and had found yourself some toddlers to entertain and you had them squealing with laughter and running around trying to catch the bubbles you were blowing.  You were having the time of your life,  when you weren't blowing bubbles for the younger ones you were playing tag,  giggling away with other kids.  I love your ability and confidence to just go up to people you don't know and befriend them,  it's really such a beautiful gift! I e'en heard one little girl as you if you would be her friend,  it was so sweet! 

Eventually we all moved on and ended up at the circus school skill section and this ended up being such a hit with the both of you!! You both had a go at walking on stilts,  the Pogo stick,  hula hooping,  spinning plates,  walking on this thing with wheels which was personally my favourite. Nixie,  you were running all over the place, and you had made friends with this one girl and she was teaching you how to hit a ball with a bat and you were also playing all sorts of games.  Everytime I would look over at you your face was lit up with the biggest smile or you mid belly laugh!  It made my heart so happy. Forrest you just had fun trying out all the things and playing with me and daddy and dancing around to the music. 

After a long while it was time for us to head into Southampton and go to Go Outdoors.  We needed to get some air mattresses and see of we could find some walking shoes for all of us for our upcoming trip to wales. Forrest you fell asleep on the way and when we got there we had to wake you up and daddy carried you half asleep into the shop.  But once we reached the air mattress section you and Nixie had lots of fun testing out all the things on display and Nixie you kept finding places to hide and trying to jump out and scare us.  It probably wasn't the best idea to go there after a day in the sun at the fairy festival as we were all a bit tired and by the time we got to the shoe section both of you were overtired and hungry and there were some big upsets. None of the shoes fit either of you and I didn't even find any but at least daddy did.  We managed to find a raincoat and some waterproof trousers for you, Nixie but nothing for Forrest. By the time we left the store tensions were quite high and I just wanted to get home! 

When we arrived home everyone was in a much better mood and we were excited to discover that we could finally harvest some tomatoes! It was the most meagre harvest we've ever had (last year by this time we had hundreds upon hundreds of tomato's!) 

We had a quick dinner and then I got myself ready to go to a photoshoot. I experienced another first : my first time driving on my own! It felt amazing to go to work without also worrying about you guys and feeling any pressure with timings. I left at 18:00 and got home closer to 20:30.

As soon as you, Forrest saw me walk up the stairs you shouted "Yay!!" and stretched out your arms and demanded "num-num" and when you,  Nixie saw me you looked so happy and gave me the biggest hugs.  I felt an extra amount of love from you guys and it was beautiful, you were both extra affectionate and Nixie you couldn't stop hugging and kissing me and telling me you loved me.  It was the best welcome back home ever!  

You and daddy said goodnight to Forrest and I before going to your room to read stories. You,  Forrest and I snuggled up and I read several books while you had boob. It's funny now because you are really becoming opinionated about which books I can read,  there are a couple of books we got from the library that you just flat out refuse to let me read. You have also really gotten into counting but in your own sweet way. Instead of falling asleep like you usually do you got up out of bed and ran into Nixie's room and climbed into bed with them while they read,  it was the sweetest thing and something you've never done before and you refused to come back into bed with me. I was actually quite surprised since you didn't even have a nap during the day! In the end all three of you came into the family bed and I read some more stories while you had boob and Nixie snuggled up beside you and this time it wasn't long before you fell asleep.