Me and you,  Forrest got up at 7:00 a good two hours before Nixie and daddy!  We watched your favourite show,  mighty express, ate nature valley bars and snuggled while you had boob for most of the time. You are extra sweet at the moment because I’ve been trying to teach you how to say “I love you” and you really love trying and hearing you say it just makes my heart sing. Once you even managed to say the whole phrase on your own “aye luv yu”

When Nixie and daddy finally joined us it was a lovely morning of chores and you always need to be the one to carry out the recycling, if we happen to forget you get incredibly upset! Nixie you went into the garden and harvested some of my calendula which we are drying and will be using to create some magical healing salve. You really wanted me to do your hair today using our new hair bands and when Forrest saw he also wanted hair bands in his hair although it’s not the easiest thing to do because his hair is so short! When it came time to get dressed Forrest, you are at the stage where you need to do everything yourself and if we try to help you, you get very angry and take everything off just so you can do it yourself.

Once we finished with our chores and after a quick lunch we decided to see if any of the elderflower trees had any berries and we were all so pleasantly surprised! I was worried that we were going to be late and miss our chance this year and I really need to make us some medicine! It was thanks to our elderberry tincture we made last year that we didn’t get a single soon as we experienced any symptoms whatsoever we would take a few drops throughout the day and it would completely stop any colds or flus from developing any further! So I was incredibly happy that we managed to find some! Forrest you really loved trying to help daddy although really I think you just made it a bit more challenging but I just love how you always want to help. Nixie you weren’t that interested in helping today and preferred to forage for blackberries which you, Forrest also had fun doing. Daddy managed to get me quite a bit of berries so I was busy getting them off of the stems so that I wouldn’t need to do it when we got home. It felt so relaxing with the sun shining down on me warming up my back. Both of you spent a little time helping me before you got bored and continued with your blackberry hunt and running around playing with each other and finding th most incredible smoke mushrooms!

Nixie, you’ve been wanting to ride your bike so afterwards we headed to Holland wood campsite. As much as I love that things are returning back to normal, I really miss when this place was empty and we could just enjoy it on our own. We still get to but need to wait until camping season is over. We had brought your old bike with stabilisers for Forrest along with your old balance bike. Forrest you really wanted to try her bike with stabilisers but you weren't able to pedal, I remember when it was hard for your sister to get the hang of it. But you loved being pushed on it and instead we just focused on getting you used to steering and eventually you started to get the hang of it! I was so proud, I really loved pushing you and seeing how quickly you were picking it up, I just needed to keep reminding you to look straight ahead and to pay attention to where you were going. You also had a go on the balance bike but you weren't into it and preferred the pedals.  I even managed to forage some more elderberries so I was happy!

When we got back home daddy started dinner and Nixie, you ran upstairs to have some time on your own in the bath and while you were relaxing me and Forrest made some elderberry syrup. When you, Nixie finished your bath you and Forrest played and were being super cute together until it was time to eat. At the moment you love giving him piggy back rides and he loves it even more. Forrest you were being really funny during dinner and were using the bread as telephones and then you would just come up to me and give me snuggles. 

It wasn’t that long after dinner when you, Forrest were ready for bed and once you were all tucked up I went back downstairs and hung out with Nixie. You, Nixie really wanted to make pictures using your geometric shapes which I actually find super relaxing, I love making mandalas! Daddy joined us too and and when he finished his mandala you turned to me and said, “he’s such a show-off!” and me and daddy burst into laughter. It;s something I always say to him as a joke because no matter what we are doing if he joins in with the art project or whatever it is he will always create something amazing.

Nixie, you really wanted to go on an evening walk just with daddy to show him a little spot you found with blackberries. You came back with a little container full of them. When you came back you brushed your teeth, got ready for bed, said goodnight to me and snuggled up with daddy while he read you a story.