I woke up to you, Nixie, slithering your way into the tiny space between Forrest and the wall and then to your sweet little hands caressing my face.Forrest, you were having your morning boob and I’m happy that you woke up in really good spirits because through the night you had nightmares and were crying your little heart out. It was difficult to soothe you but I held you across my body and you eventually fell back asleep. 

We all got up sound 7:30 and then we all went downstairs well all of us except for daddy, he decided to sleep more which I’m not even sure how he’s capable of that since the two of you were jumping on him. I let you guys watch some episodes of my little pony while i went upstairs to the office to get some work done. At one point while I was editing away, I heard you, Forrest make your way up the stairs, you’ve figured out how to open the baby gates!! I guess that means its officially time we take them down! We also discovered that you somehow managed to break the shelf in the fridge!

So much is going on with you at the moment, you are saying more and more words, you want to do everything yourself and you get very upset if you don’t get to! Your personality seems to be exploding at the moment and I am loving this stage you are in! You are always making all of us laugh.

I kept getting interrupted by the two of you and you Forrest wanted some boob so decided to come back to work later! As soon as I came down you, Nixie were so excited to show me the development of our sunflower! It finally has a head forming and you can even see yellow inside it! You also decided that you needed to trim the leaves that daddy missed yesterday and kept yourself busy with cleaning and making the garden fit your expectations!

Then we decided to do one of the activities from our little naturalist box and spent some time learning about Michealangelo and looking at some of his sculptures. The first thing, you, nixie noticed was his penis which made you giggle but you did think it was pretty amazing that he was able to make such details out of marble and then you and daddy went to do your own bit of sculpting using soap that came with our box and made ammonites. I can’t believe the focus and concentration you had, it was really amazing to see and made me feel super proud at all the hard work you put into it, yours turned out amazingly. At first Forrest you wanted to be involved so sat next to them playing with your plasticine but then you got bored and the two of us went into the lounge and played with your tractor and then we decided to update one of our frames to finally include photos of both of you in it and you really loved taking the photos off and choosing the new ones.

Then we decided to head to the forest and we went to solveig because you, Nixie have been wanting to show daddy how high you can climb, Forrest you were not in the mood to walk at all and everything took such a long time! There were so many moments where you would just stop and lay down on the path refusing to go. We went off the main path which wasn’t the best idea because it ended up being such a long detour due to us unable to cross a bog which i knew existed i had just hoped we’d get lucky and be able to manage it since it’s the end of summer but i was wrong. Nixie you loved exploring new paths though and I loved having a bit of time just you and me while daddy and Forrest were slowly making their way in our direction. Found a hairy caterpillar which I think was a fox moth. When we made it to Solveig we finally got to have our doughnuts which Forrest you just devoured. Nixie you didn't care that much at first and the first thing you did was run up to your tree to climb it.  After you finished your doughnut you had some wotsits and that was when your third tooth came out!! It was so exciting! I love that it came out at our special tree. You have been waiting for this tooth to come out for months now and you have another one that is so close to coming out. Forrest you loved showing daddy how you can swing on a tree branch with your feet in the air and you can even reach up to grab it yourself. 

Nixie you kept going on about how you love sculpting and were thinking of other things you could sculpt out of soap. You kept saying how much fun you had making your ammonite. On our walk back you found a big clump of clay with stones in it and you started chiselling away uncovering this stone which had two stripes of blue in a white covering, it was actually really beautiful. At one point you thought you lost it and it caused big tears but luckily daddy was able to find it. Forrest you were still protesting having to walk and I know I shouldn't think this but the way you get angry and cross your arms and pout your lips is really the sweetest thing. We walked passed the big ant hill and you were completely mesmerized by it and just wanted to observe it. 

Nixie, you had ran ahead and when I found you, you were meditating in the ferns and then I asked you what you could hear and you said birds, cars, and the trees moving. I asked you what you felt and could smell and you said the earth and you could smell the dirt. It was a beautiful little mindful moment!

When we got home I felt exhausted but I still needed to get some work done. We had promised you ice cream after dinner but Forrest you didn't eat anything and it didn't feel right to let you just eat ice cream and I think really you were just over tired. So I brought you up to the bath and we ended up having one together. When it came time to come out you made me laugh because you didn't want to come out and sat on the plug hole and then tried covering it up with your animals. You even said the word whale and when I asked if it was your favourite animal you said yes (earlier you even said ice cream!)!! You are always saying mamma nowadays but still no daddy. 

After you were asleep, which didn't take long at all, I came downstairs and found you, Nixie, writing a letter to the tooth fairy. You told her a joke which was: Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it wanted to eat its head. Your letters to the tooth fairy really crack me up!

And then you had your bath and daddy read you stories while I tried to get a bit more work done until it was time to snuggle up with you in the family bed.