Today was another slow day. Still not feeling my best and just wish I could catch up on some sleep but things are slowly starting to return a bit to our normal. We bought a new (to us) car yesterday but before we get to have it, it just needs to be serviced and get it's MOT. They said by the latest towards the end of next week.

As soon as you, Forrest, woke up you wanted to go into your playroom to play with your trains, you can't get enough of them at the moment! Last Wednesday you got your new cast on and I guess you loved the whole experience, giggling when they took off the old one because it tickled and were super fascinated when they put on the new one and you were especially happy that you got to choose the colour purple for your new cast. Daddy rented a car so that he could take you and also so that nixie, you could still get to Embers and Forest school. But good news is that you only need it on for another week and a half or so instead of another 4 weeks, so I'm thrilled about that!

 I spent most of the morning cleaning and organising our shelves downstairs while daddy cleaned the kitchen and did some laundry. 

We really didn't get up to much today, it was mostly another lazy day at home. I shared with you, Nixie, the news that I'm going to Sweden on Thu for three nights. I had been worried about telling you but you were absolutely ok with it and were excited that you got to have special days just with daddy although you did mention that you won't be able to fall asleep without me massaging you. 

Oh these past few days you have been so incredibly sweet with Forrest, really going out of your way to make sure he is ok and to make him happy. It just melts my heart when I see your love for him overflow like this, you have such a beautiful heart.

Today you spent a lot of time crafting and making things for friends and family and you both had fun playing on your tablets. You, Nixie, after quite a long hiatus have gotten back into doodle maths and you seem to really be into it again. Forrest, you love your tablet, it wasn't something I imagined you would have so young, Nixie didn't get one until she was about 5.5 but after you broke your leg, we let you use Nixies for the first time. And then all of a sudden after several months of you, Nixie, showing absolutely no interest in it you wanted to use it and it was extremely hard for the two of you to share it so we ended up buying you, Forrest your own. You love Kahn academy and teach your monster to read and it's actually been such a help during this period.

You, Nixie, ended up wanting to look at daddy's pieces of glass that he blew and wanted to know all about it so we ended up spending some time learning how to blow glass by watching some videos.

Afterwards you and I went for a little walk to our local woods to see if we could find any moss. We haven't had a chance to do any of our little naturalist projects yet as it's a bit tricky with Forrest in a cast all the way up to his thigh and being without a car. It felt really nice to have some one on one time with you. You were making me laugh because you decided you needed to carry with you this giant stick, it was more like a small tree with its branches cut off. We had a beautiful little walk and we both loved seeing all the beautiful colours, although I can't wait until we can get back to our proper forest!! We managed to find lots of moss and foraged a little bit of it so we could make a terrarium and to have a go at moss graffiti.

We went home to drop of your stick and the moss before making a little trip to Waitrose bfor some ice cream and gyozas which we were both really craving.

Once home the two of you enjoyed an ice lolly and then you, Nixie and I made our moss terrarium and read a little bit about moss while Forrest played with his train set but once you, Forrest saw what we were doing then you wanted to help too.

Once it became late afternoon I started feeling a bit heavy and super tearful. I think it's because things are finally settling down and I have more space to feel and things are finally able to come to the surface. I made dinner and then we all are together, Forrest you were making us laugh so much with your sweet little voice and the faces you were pulling that it made me wonder if we had any videos of, you, Nixie when you first started to talk. I went upstairs to see and there were loads! So the next couple of hours instead of watching a movie we watched old footage of you, Nixie when you were 2 and oh my gosh, it was the most precious thing I've ever seen! I cried so many happy tears, it felt amazing seeing you so little again, it brought it all back and it was actually the perfect way for me to release the tears I needed to release. 

It was such special moments for all of us, there were video clips that had all of us proper belly laughing which felt incredible, I don't remember the last time we all laughed like that together!

Forrest, you fell asleep in my arms having boob and then I brought you up to bed. Once we finished watching videos you wanted to watch caities classroom and spent the rest of the evening doing more crafts. This has been your routine as of late, you love staying up making things.