Nixie must have been having some bad dreams because I heard her call out to me in her sleep as you (Forrest) started stirring. You and I got up just before 5:00 and headed downstairs where I made some coffee while you laid happily on the floor playing with your little monster. We had some cuddles and then by 6:00 you were sound asleep again, I do wish though that instead of needing to get up we could just stay in bed for this hour in the morning! I went upstairs to wake up Daddy around 6:45 so I could get ready for my driving lesson at 7:30 and Nixie made her way down just after 7:00 and you woke up just before I had to head out. 

After my lesson we went to our little beach pretty much straight away and you (Nixie) only wanted to wear your swimsuit there and as usual were full of energy running most of the way,  you were in awe of how the trees with their leaves had created a tunnel and had to stop to admire it all. On our little walk to our beach you kept finding hearts everywhere either in a leaf,  the shape of grass,  or little stones,  I love how you see love everywhere,  it makes my heart smile. I had been craving a swim in the sea so daddy had Forrest in the wrap (where he instantly fell asleep) so that you and I could have some special one on one time together. As soon as we laid out our blanket into the sea we went and it was so cold!  But we ignored the initial chill and jumped in and what a great time we had!  You jumped on my back pretending I was a horse and then we just swam around and giggled and laughed so much! You were full of the most beautiful joy and I was so happy that we were able to spend that time together just you and me. It was the best morning. When we got out of the water you found a dead crab and you felt so sorry for him saying,  "oh poor little guy!" and proceeded to bury him underneath seaweed. 

You also experienced another first: flying a kite!!  You loved it and were such a natural,  seeing your face light up with the sweetest grin was priceless,  I love that we still get to experience firsts with you! And to say daddy enjoyed it too would be an understatement!! We also found more treasures to bring home with us and you and usual had to write love and draw lots of hearts in the sand. Forrest stayed asleep the whole time and only woke up on our way back to the car. 

Once back home, we had a quick lunch then headed out again to one of our favourite streams in the forest.  It was so incredibly hot out,  it happened to be the hottest day of the year so an outing to the forest was exactly what we needed but weren't the only ones that thought so! I was a bit disappointed when we first arrived because there were too many people for my liking (it usually never gets too full of people here) and Forrest wasn't in the best of places. I spent the first half of our time there trying to get him to sleep. At one point the only thing that would make you (Forrest) happy was dipping your feet into the water, I definitely think you're going to turn into quite the water baby. But once you did fall asleep I found the perfect tree to sit up against and it was bliss,  I love having your heart next to mine. Nixie and daddy were off on their own adventure and we didn't really see them but I knew they were having lots of fun because every so often I could hear Nixie's squeals of laughter.  

You (Nixie) made lots of friends and met lots of dogs to play with.  Once Forrest woke up again, he wanted to splash his feet in the water, he really loved it! You had made friends with another family and started adventuring further along the stream so this time I got to go on an adventure with you while daddy had fun with Forrest. We found a tree swing and the other little boy who you had become friends with was scared at first to try it yet alone even get into the stream but once he saw you do it,  it made him brave! You were so sweet with him: holding his hand,  pushing him on the swing and at one point even running to get his shoes when he needed to do a wee so he wouldn't step on Holly.  But when it was time to leave you had a big upset,  you did not want to leave and by this point you were playing with a dog and just flat out refused to leave taking your shoes off and telling us"bye!!" and that you would come home on your own but somehow I managed to talk to you and you actually decided to  come with us without any drama.  I was pretty impressed!  On our way to the car we collected some firewood and you somehow fell and really hurt your hip, it was so sad! You rarely cry when you hurt yourself so I know it must have been really painful for you. 

Once home we had a quick bath to cool off and then a picnic in the garden and then a little fire so we could roast marshmallows. You were so cute and got a pen and paper and wrote down "love" and "heart" and told us you wanted to put into the fire to send out into the universe. Forrest fell asleep in the garden and I could have too. I was insanely tired and super sunned out, I could barely move or think!  Daddy brought you up to bed really late but it was the perfect day full of memory making and we couldn't have spent the hottest day of the year in any better way.