Your (Forrest) sweet little babbling woke me up this morning around 6:00! I had a lie in!  We went downstairs and you had a good time in your tummy,  you're getting really strong, able to lift your body up and every once in a while you'll even do a bit of a crawl.  Nixie came downstairs close to 6:45 and gave you so much love and even sang you songs. Just after 7:00 you were ready for your nap so into the wrap you went,  you are still a bit poorly with a cold, your little cough doesn't seem to want to leave, it's always worse in the mornings. 

You (Nixie) were busy playing with your sticker book,  you've really been into them for the past month or so. But today you were more interested in covering me and you in them. While Forrest slept I took the opportunity to do something on the computer and when I came back downstairs you had put all the eggs into our egg cupboard and were busy making yourself a sandwich, you are really proud that you can do it on your own. Now if you'll only actually eat it all afterwards. Daddy woke up around 9:00 and then I got ready to go to the gym.  

When I returned I was greeted with the biggest smile and most beautiful giggles from you (Forrest)  you were so happy to see me and wanted to nurse straight away. Then we needed to do some chores and i managed to do some cleaning until it was time for you to fall asleep again in the wrap. While you slept and while daddy cleaned the kitchen me and Nixie decided to paint our latest bowl.  

Afterwards you  (Nixie) did some drawing, colouring in and writing all while having some imaginary conversations taking place. I love getting a glimpse into your world.  Today you said you really missed grandad and June but that you're too shy to see them. You also talked about taking Forrest horse riding but that you need to go slow so he doesn't fall off.  

Once you (Forrest) woke up from your nap we decided to give you some banana, it’s been a week of many firsts!! This was your third try of having banana and you absolutely love it! I can’t believe you are already trying foods, you’ve also tasted strawberry and even though it was a bit tart and you made a bit of a funny face at times you still loved it but so far banana is your favourite, you get so upset when the spoon is empty (another thing that is so different between you and NIxie, she didn’t even try foods until she was months older and even then she was not a fan i think she was around 10-11 months until she truly started eating bits of food). Also you’re able to sit up in nixies old chair to feed you which just a couple of days ago was a bit hard for you to stay sitting already have gotten so much stronger!! You love practising your sitting too and trying to balance yourself. I don’t think it’ll be long until you're able to sit without any help at all!

Most of our day was spent cleaning and tidying the house, we had such a pile of laundry that needed doing and while daddy folded and put away laundry we all hung out on the bed playing games with each other. Afterwards you (Nixie) and daddy went downstairs to bake a tart tan tan. Forrest had another nap and while waiting for your tart to be finished you finished painting your bowl and afterwards you decided to get down our bowl of sahara desert sand and were so intrigued by our fossils, it’s the first time you’ve really been interested in them and this led to us talking about archeologists saying you were being just like one digging through the sand in search of fossils and then it led to us to learn about ammonites and what they looked like before they went extinct. I think it’s pretty incredible that these fossils are hundreds of millions years old!

Once the tart was finished we decided to go for a little stroll along the sea wall before dinner and also I wanted to get some photos of you wearing some amazing clothes that we were sent to us by the lovely people over at Illustrate. It felt so great to be out feeling the fresh air after a day of mostly cleaning and tidying and we even saw deer on our way to our path! It’s the second time you and I have seen them here which isn’t very common. This is a place we go to all of the time and tonight it felt like we were discovering this area for the first time, it was amazing, you were such a little adventurer taking us in directions we hadn’t been before, there’s nothing better than being able to see a place that you think you know completely with new eyes! It was such a gift! You had so much fun running around, we kept seeing little bunnies everywhere and when we finally reached our little beach you even made friends with a little crab. You really enjoyed taking photos with your new shirt and it was such a special time between us, it felt so amazing to connect with each other in this way and to be able to have some proper one on one time while daddy had Forrest in the wrap.

Forrest started getting a bit upset so we headed back home just in time to have a very late dinner and then you and daddy went upstairs and got ready for bed while I got Forrest to sleep downstairs.