I had a bit of a rough sleep, Forrest you continue to wake up through the night upset,  seemingly in pain,  but we’re unsure what's wrong...maybe you're teething again,  I so wish you could tell us.  Nixie you wanted all of us to get up way too early, and kept trying to get me up getting more and more angry at me when I didn't want to.  It's hard because Forrest obviously woke you up through the night too. We all ended up getting out of bed around 5:30.

The first thing you did was turn on your countries of the world songs and the first thing you did Forrest was grab daddy's hand and lead him around the house,  your love for hand holding really makes me go all mushy at the moment. It was another morning of banana pancakes. Oh and for the last week your new favourite thing is to play with the keys and try to unlock the front door, I’m impressed that you know which key it is, I have a feeling it won’t be long until you figure it out and then we will have to come up with a new game!  You also have a new favourite place in the house which is behind the couch and you look so sweet whenever i see you peeping out from behind there!

We're on our second week of lock down and we're really missing the forest. We stopped going there last Thu and haven’t left the house at all since then. The sunny weather makes me feel so restless but we’ve been spending time in our tiny garden getting it ready for all of our seedlings that will soon be ready to go outside. You, Nixie, had lots of fun today and found so many little creatures who you fell in love with; three caterpillars, a few itty bitty snails who you made a habitat for and we even took out the butterfly home to see if we can raise the caterpillars/ We even found stag beetle grubs, we are so lucky to have them right in our garden! We even made a space for a compost heap which you immediately started to build a "roof" over because you thought it was the perfect home for your snails.. 

We also have been doing lots of baking and I’m pleased to say we have perfected our vegan remake of one of my favourite swedish cakes: Kladdkaka and it’s the third one we have made in the last couple of weeks! Forrest especially loved helping out but was more interested in trying to eat all the batter. 
We had our first two froglets the other day but sadly they didn't make it and were eaten by the other tadpoles so we made a separate habitat just for the froglets to see if that helps and today there was another little froglet so we were able to move him into his new home fingers crossed he makes it! We’ve also begun doing all of our shopping online and had a few deliveries come today. These are such strange times! 

After dinner when we had our cake you, Nixie wanted to light a candle and sing happy birthday to each of us which we happily took turns doing and afterwards you went and wrapped birthday presents for each of us to open: Forrest got some play cheese, I got a stone, daddy got an orange pen and you got one wellie boot! 

I got to put you to bed tonight and daddy put Forrest to bed and you actually requested to sleep in your own room! You had brought it up earlier in the day but I wasn’t sure you were still going to feel that way in the evening but you did and we had the sweetest bedtime all snuggled up in your bed and then you effortlessly fell asleep, it felt a bit surreal going to bed later with just the three of us in the family bed but it did give us more room!