Well it was an early start. You (Forrest) and I made it downstairs before 5am where I immediately put a pot of coffee on. You were in a very good mood and exceptionally cuddly and loved blowing raspberries on my belly or just into the air and then running off to play with your toys laughing and giggling the whole time. Nixie, when you woke up you went straight into the office to feed the cats, you were giving them soo much food and they were loving you for it, you love taking care of them. Daddy was the last to wake up, he was lucky and had a mild lie in before we woke him up to come down for pancakes but while I was making breakfast you & Forrest were having a dance party, you were listening to No Doubt and had to even put on a bhindi to be like Gwen Stefani. Forrest your moves have become quite spectacular too, you really feel the music, and now you’ve added twirls to your repertoire! 

After breakfast we decided to go for our one walk a day. It’s been almost three weeks since we left the house as we are trying to stay away from everyone as much as possible to do our part in flattening the curve. It’s crazy to think we are three weeks into life in lockdown, I wonder for how long this will go on! You (Nixie) are finding it a bit hard and everyday you always say “When this is all over….” with all the things you want to do but the one thing that keeps coming up is to be able to go back to our spot in the woods and you now want to build a toilet there like you have at forest school! I did have to tell you I didn’t think that would be a good idea…

We decided to go on a walk to our little beach and you wanted to ride your bike, you’ve never really been into bike riding, and this was your first proper bike ride (you usually love to take your scooter)! You had always said you weren't going to take your stabilisers off until you are all grown up, until you are twenty but for some amazing reason you wanted to try without them and you did amazingly!! It made me all emotional, and the tears began to flow...but I’m always easy to cry! You also kept getting off your bike to pick dandelion wishes for us and stopping to pick up lots of feathers that you found and I must admit they were really good ones!

Oh it was a bit strange going for a walk because every so often we would see a person and we would have to either cross the road or find a way to let them pass while keeping a lot of distance between us. It feels like such a sad reality to be physically having to avoid each other in such an extreme way! You have even started yelling, “oh no! There’s a person! Go away!” and it breaks my heart...this isn’t how I want you to experience the world...I don’t want you to feel scared of being around others!! 

We made it to our special spot and the tide was out and we managed to get Forrest out of the backpack so he could have a walk too and we just walked the length of the beach and picked treasures on the way and then turned around to go back home. It felt a bit weird just going to our beach but not hanging out as we couldn’t play there but I am so grateful that we have this beautiful place to come to. I had said it’s important that we don’t hang out with anyone we may see when we are out and you said it was ok because at least we have each other. It was a bit surreal looking out at the Solent because it was the first time I've ever seen it without any sailboats!

On our way back daddy had brought some rope so that he could pull you on the bike which you really appreciated as you were pretty tired and Forrest ended up falling asleep in the backpack. Once home both me and daddy felt super lazy and we didn’t do much for the rest of the day. You and Forrest did some drawing in your office (he's just recently started joining you out there!) & we were in and out of the garden, planting some of our seedlings out, Forrest you had fun trying to help with watering the plants and Nixie you had fun making him a little puddle to jump in.  You both somehow ended up getting pretty muddy so I decided to have a bath with the two of you before we had dinner . Afterwards we had family movie time of watching Trolls 2 which you absolutely loved and kept giggling throughout. Forrest you fell asleep again but on me and you and I had the best snuggle until the movie was over.

While I made dinner your sister put on your muscle song which you absolutely love for some reason and as soon as you hear it you start doing all of your dance moves and Nixie you are so sweet because whenever Forrest is a bit unhappy you rush to put it in thinking it will cheer him up and most of the time it actually does! I made pasts for dinner which made you Forrest really dirty again so you had to have another bath and then we came back downstairs and watched a documentary on funghi which was really cool because it was full of time lapse sequences which you Nixie really love seeing. 

Once it got dark out you really wanted to go for a little nighttime walk, I felt exhausted but said yes and we just walked around the block but while we were gone you (Forrest) and daddy weren’t having the best of times because you needed me and was really sad that I wasn’t there. The only thing that made you calm down was looking at the photo of Nixie and me when she was just born. Once I washed my hands, changed my clothes and was able to have you in my arms you fell asleep at the boob within 5 minutes! And Nixie you fell asleep really fast too (you are still sleeping in your own room!).